Inspired by dogs…

Our dogs are a reflection of who we are. With a nurturing environment, dogs evolve to be the most amazing companions to enrich our life experiences. This belief has inspired us to create Doxters Lab and set a path of constant inspiration, discovery, innovations.


Designing from a dogs Perspective

All our products are designed from a dog’s perspective, to enhance their experiences in the hooman world and enrich our endeavors together.

A Step Ahead…

We figured clothes for dogs are not just one more way of letting them feel part of the family but can help dogs cope better as we take them further on the path of evolution from wild to home. Whether its protection from cold, wounds, pollutions or allergens.Clothes that are

  • Available for dogs of All sizes
  • 100% Cotton
  • Azo Free
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Machine Washable
  • Non Toxic
  • Highly Stretchable
  • Designed from Dogs Perspective
  • Accentuate Dog Expressions
  • Designed for all Seasons and Occasions
  • Reduces Anxiety
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the pixie defender

Apart from a soft snuggle to give dogs a free pass to Jumping on the Sofa, Snuggling on the bed or hoping on car seat for a fun Ride we designed the The Pixie Defender.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Azo Free
  • Anti Bacterial
  • Highly Stretchable
  • Protects Wounds
  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Easy To Wear
  • This Dog pajama is availabe for dogs of all Sizes
  • Keeps them Clean
  • Vet Approved
  • Eco Friendly and Machine Washable
  • Designed to let dogs relieve themselves without hooman intervention
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The Ballistic Harness

The world’s most advanced and strong No Pull harness researched and design over years. It’s almost like a soft Body Armour. The harness ergonomics and contouring hugs the dog from within to mitigate the high pressure, and relatively sensitive organs. Waterproof from inside and out. We figured that the current mesh fabric used by almost all harnesses did not good to breathability but instead became hair magnet and playground for bacteria, Ticks, and Fleas. So we invented the waterproof harness with many unparalleled features

  • Waterproof inside and outside
  • Tough Tear and Absrasion Resistant, military grade outside
  • Non toxic High Density Cushioning inside.
  • Aviation grade Aluminium rings on front and back. Stronger than steel lighter than feather.
  • Front Clip makes to ensure this no pull harness is easier on you.
  • Industry leading High Intensity Reflective Details all around the harness,
  • Industry Leading padding.
  • HeavyDuty POM buckles.
  • Equipped with Extra strap for attaching on car seat belt.
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Doxters Dog Raincoats for dogs

The art of dancing in the rain

We wanted to make sure that not even rain gods come in the way for their one biggest obsession, their walks. And we knew the bigger problem from rains was also the muck and pollutants that fly from the ground on to their fur. So we designed the most advance dog raincoat ever

  • 100% Guaranteed Water Fabric
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Visor to save water from going in their eyes
  • High Density Reflective Details to for low light visibility
  • • Well placed elastic for comfortable fit whether they need to squat or lift a leg.
  • In built D ring leash attachment for better protection and control
  • Water resistant as well so that its dry and ready for next walk
  • Made from Military grade waterproof that’s resists ripping.
  • Thick Material that does not stick to their body.
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Because they are unique and invaluable

While mandatory in a few countries, we know that a lost pet can be a traumatizing experience for both pet parents and the pet. We figured that most dogs didn’t like them or they were too small to be legible to the finder. Hence we designed the personalized collar.

Printed at the molecular level of the fabric designed to last very long. Made from abrasion and tear-resistant outer shell, a soft non-toxic high-density cushioning system, and a soft cover encasing it underneath. A high strength webbing is also included in tough and martingale versions.

Available in 3 variants.

Lite ID Collar for those who just want to use it as an identification collar. Lightweight and Soft. Machine washable. Reversible.

Cushioned Tough collar: A wide collar that’s designed to work like a regular collar but can be personalized and have cushioning underneath.

Ethical Martingale: A Martingale that absorbs the harshness of standard martingale / semi choke collars and prevent under neck chafing and wounds.

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